In light of it all

I wasn’t going to write about the recent tragedies of Manchester, my head still feels fuzzy just like the majority of the country and the world. But I just wanted to share how i’m feeling and whats going on in my head right now. In all the sadness, through all the salted stained faces and all the grieving families – there IS still so much good to be had. Yeah, this world is fucked up. It really is. But there is still so much joy to come, so many memories to be made and as much as my heart is breaking for everyone, I just can’t focus on all the negative news thats taking over every screen and radio right now.

I chose not to talk to my 3 about it. I chose not sit them down and tell them about what an awful society I have brought them into. I chose not to get upset in front of them, I chose not to frighten their little innocent minds. Maybe this is the naive way of parenting, and if so then thats fine, i’m happy to live this way. I couldn’t bear to tell them that children, of whom are the same age, have been taken away from their families. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that at any moment, no matter where we are, this could happen to us too.

So we will carry on our daily routines, we will still smile and laugh with each other. We will still crack jokes at the dinner table and talk about our day. We will laugh a bit harder than normal, we’ll tell just one more joke, we’ll read one more book. I’ll take them to the park when all I want to do is collapse on the sofa and we’ll get the paints out after I have cleaned the entire house. We’ll be so very grateful for the fact we are still here, living and breathing, and we are healthy. I’ll just be holding them tighter and for so much longer, i’ll be telling them I love them one more time and I’ll have a heavy heart when I kiss them goodnight.

I am so incredibly grateful for these three in such a desperate and mournful catastrophe.


Me and Mine | April ’17

April has been busy, exhausting, fun and exciting. I have laughed more than I thought imaginable, cried more than I thought possible. I have been on 2 weekends away, both equally awesome in their own ways. I have celebrated turning 27 with a whole heap of new friends, I have missed the kids so much, I have wanted to shout at them a lot.

I went to see my wonderful friend Charlie from Farlie Photography at the beginning of the month and so of course, I had to rope in a favour and she took our pictures for the month. I love them so much, some of my favourites to date – so THANK YOU Charlie!

I can’t bloody wait to head into May. More travels, birthday celebrations and COME ON SUN!! WE NEED YOU SO BAD NOW!!


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The big smoke

A weekend spent in London, wandering the streets of Shoreditch and marvelling through Brick Lane.

Great company, delicious food, good weather, lots of (some terrible) cocktails, a gig and barrels of laughs. Not so great ending hugging the loo but we don’t have to talk about that, do we?! Overall a bloody wonderful weekend and I wanted to share my snaps here.

Char x


2017, we’ve got this


You took so many incredible, inspirational and creative people away from us. You made me sob uncontrollable tears at Brexit, you made me fear for my childrens futures and even seriously question why I am raising them in this country. You made me angry with Trump. So fucking angry. You shot a gorilla. The Syrian crisis reached an all time low.


You did give Leonardo DiCaprio an oscar. And that is just bloody wonderful.

And you moulded me.
You made me grow and learn and love.
You made me alive when all I felt around me was tangled mess.
I woke up. Finally, after 9 and a half years I woke up. I didn’t realise how low I had been for so long, and you made that change. And although 2016 was one of the hardest years of my life, it will go down as the most life changing too. I am so incredibly grateful for all that you have done for me this year, be it a weird twist of fate or purely coincidence. Or maybe this is just what was supposed to happen. My wild card drawn in the chapter of 2016.
For whatever reason, thank you 2016.

goals // resolutions // plans // unachievable ideas


I say this every year, but 2017 and me have a deal. We’re doing it. Throw the tent in the boot and head along the coast for the weekend is my idea of a few days perfectly spent. 2017 will see a lot more of this. I also want to do a few weekends away without the children, I want to enjoy them whilst I have them but I also need to enjoy some time apart too. The odd couple of nights away will do us all the world of goodness.

Challenge myself.

Just say “Yes!”. I need to say yes to more opportunities, I need to jump in with both feet and stop thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t do it and just do it. I need to challenge myself creatively, and this really excites me.


Focus on work, focus on this blog, focus on parenting. Just focus. If there was an award for the person who gets bored easily and becomes distracted by something new I would hands down win it. I need to stop flitting between ideas and just focus on the things that matter most and knuckle down.


Read a book before bed, read more blogs, read more poetry, read more of the news, read more photography tutorials and articles. Read.

With all of that in mind, I am SO ready for 2017. I am excited to meet new people, share more laughs and love with the people that are already in my life and get to know the ones who have entered my life in 2016 a whole load better. 2017, it’s on. Give me your best.

Wishing you all so much happiness for 2017, may it be filled with laughter and incredible memories. May it be fuelled on gin and wine. May it be healthy, happy and heartfelt.

2016 round up of my favourite pictures, grab a cuppa there are quite a few.

Char x


Camping with friends | Ordinary Moments #29

So this week saw a first for us, and what a first it was! A group of us Mums decided a few months ago we would all go camping together. Some of us seasoned campers, whilst others had never done it before. But we took the plunge and booked a couple of nights at Spring Barn Farm!

The idea of camping with no Husbands felt us all with much excitement and complete and utter dread all rolled into one!! I put my hands up and will admit that I totally take him for granted when it comes to days out and holidays. Whenever I go solo it always reminds me of how much of an input he has into family life. So camping on our own was a HUGE milestone for us. I mean, really, what could possible go wrong with 4 adults and 9 children!?

We had an utter blast together and the kids all get on incredibly well. The one thing I love about camping is how sociable it is. Everyone chats to everyone, the kids make instant friends every time we go away and who cares if you trudge around in your PJs with a jam jar full of gin, we’re all in the same boat and its socially acceptable to be a complete tramp.

Yes, it did rain on us as we were packing away. No, the adults barely slept. Yes, we drunk enough between us to sink a battle ship. No, we won’t be camping altogether again. Yes, we’ll be getting a big house instead. 😉

A few snaps from our camping trip. Absolutely GUTTED to return with a broken camera, so a few trips out since we got back haven’t been documented and i’m totally getting into a stew about it.

Char x