Me and Mine | April ’17

April has been busy, exhausting, fun and exciting. I have laughed more than I thought imaginable, cried more than I thought possible. I have been on 2 weekends away, both equally awesome in their own ways. I have celebrated turning 27 with a whole heap of new friends, I have missed the kids so much, I have wanted to shout at them a lot.

I went to see my wonderful friend Charlie from Farlie Photography at the beginning of the month and so of course, I had to rope in a favour and she took our pictures for the month. I love them so much, some of my favourites to date – so THANK YOU Charlie!

I can’t bloody wait to head into May. More travels, birthday celebrations and COME ON SUN!! WE NEED YOU SO BAD NOW!!


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January Favourites

The good thing about January is that you get to have a real good play with all the new things you received for Christmas. I got a few bits and bobs worth rambling about and also I bought a couple of bits with money I was given too. I have a rather long wish list of make up that I am hopefully going to slowly work my way through this year from palettes to lipsticks, different brands of skin care to hair products that will all hopefully add to this years Favourites posts!

So first up..

Make up

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick.


I am completely and utterly obsessed. When I think of Revlon, I think highstreet brand, quite low budget and pretty average for a make up brand. Well, how wrong was I after discovering this little gem! I really struggle with dry lips, especially in the winter, so a highly pigmented lipstick always leaks into my skin and out of the lip. Even with a heavy lip liner it still seeps out and I look like a friggin’ spider web. Well, say goodbye to leaking lippys and hello to beautifully soft suede lippy that STAYS. PUT.

It is highly pigmented meaning you rarely need to re apply, you can drink coffee with no stain on your mug and kiss the kids without transferring plum coloured marks on their cheeks! I honestly cannot rave enough about this lipstick. I have this in 3 different colours and will definitely be getting a couple more neutrals for the spring!

The only downside I have with it is it’s super hard to get off so if you suffer with sore lips and then have to really scrub them to get it off, you’re going to have sensitive lips for a while. But hey, if it was easy to get off I wouldn’t be raving so much about it, so i’m completely contradicting myself!

Boots / £8.99


Next up is Clarins Lip Comfort Oil


As I have said, I do suffer with dry skin and lips in the winter so I am always on the hunt for a good balm. I saw Zoella put this on her 2015 favourites video and thought it was worth a try. I am not a fan of oil on my skin but I heard it wasn’t ‘that’ oily or sticky and as Clarins is such a highly rated brand, I bought some at the beginning of January.

It does have a slight sticky feel when you first put it on, but that soon goes and your lips looks glossy and soft within minutes. I also am not a fan of a gloss and would always opt for a matte finish but for around the house, and also a few minutes before I apply my lipstick, it gives a really great base and makes them stay super soft for much longer. The applicator is so soft and it really does feel beautiful when you apply it. I would highly recommend this if you suffer with chapped lips or just want a softer, glossier lip look!

Debenhams / £18



I got quite a few bits for our house for Christmas and it has been so lovely adding more little bits to our lounge.

Rose Gold Lamp


I got this with some Christmas money from my Mother in Law, I have wanted a lamp in the lounge since we re decorated last year but haven’t quite found the right one. I always lean towards a more ‘urban’ and ‘industrial’ interior designs and when I imagine our own house that we will build one day (ha!) I imagine all the pipes on display in the kitchen, with the brick walls showing and huge mason jar lights hanging from a plank of wood over our table with benches. So when I saw this rose gold lamp on Homebase’s website, I had to buy it. Although not as urban as I would have in my dream house, it looks perfect in the corner of our not too urban house now. I didn’t think it would be as pinky copper as it is but actually, I really quite like it!

It doesn’t seem to be on their website anymore so unfortunately I can’t link.

Valenette Soy Wax candle & Reed Diffuser

Scent – Patchouli & eucalyptus


My mum bought me this set for Christmas and I can’t stop sniffing it. We have the reed diffuser in the downstairs bathroom and the candle in the lounge. I worry so much our house smells of dog that candles have become quite the essential accessory downstairs. My friends reassure me it doesn’t but best to be on the safe side 😉

I have burnt this candle A LOT this month and it still has quite a lot of life left in it. The whole room smells beautiful within minutes of lighting it and it looks so classic on your mantelpiece. The reed diffuser lasts for a minimum of 4 months, which is amazing compared to general supermarket diffusers and the scent isn’t too powerful either. Its a really beautiful set to give someone for their birthday, it is packaged in tissue paper, ribbon and a signature box. It doesn’t even need wrapping! I’d love to try out some other scents too, the lavender in particular has definitely caught my eye!

Valentte Online / Candle £12 Reed Diffuser £24


Toadstool Art


I have a bit of a soft spot for toadstools. From my change bag when Elsie was small, to a large majority of our Christmas decs, to my favourite teapot. Actually, thinking about it, i’m a bit toadstool mad. So when I saw a couple of paintings in my mother in laws kitchen I got a bit excited. One of her good friends is a dab hand with a paint brush and painted her a couple of pictures, upon my squealing over them, she then painted one for us too. I absolutely adore it and knowing someone has hand painted it so beautifully, with such eye for detail and care, really is quite special. I put it in a little IKEA frame and hung it on the wall in one of my favourite parts of our house and I smile every single time I look at it. I. Love. It.




I haven’t bought much in the way of clothing lately (I am on a spending ban. Hmph.) I got this cape from my Mum for Christmas, and I love it. I had been eyeing it up in Sainsburys for ages but couldn’t really justify it as I didn’t need it. I thought they had sold out when I told her about it but she found one, in my size, on the end of an aisle! Quite clearly fate and it was meant to be mine!

Teamed perfectly with skinnies and heeled boots for a smarter look or with jeans and flats for a more casual, mum on the school run look – it goes with everything!

I love that it has a hood and the toggles complete the classic cape look. I wear a lot of roll necks in the winter and a black roll neck looks so chic underneath. If you haven’t got a cape this winter, I urge you to buy one! Jazzing up every outfit and they are so warm and cozy!

I can’t find it online but there are so many around so keep an eye out!

(apologies for not taking a full length photo of the cape, I have a cold and feeling like death warmed up so wasn’t really up for photos!!)

Random Bits

A few random bits I have been loving in January.

Ellie Goulding’s new album. Suuch a good driving album and I’m loving this new sound she is swaying towards. Quite an upbeat album but also still emotional and meaningful. I have loved all of her albums so I was so pleased her latest was another good’n!

Amazon / £9.79

Tea Pigs everyday brew.


I am a huge tea lover. My morning is not complete without a mug of hot tea and coffee just doesn’t cut the mustard for me at 7am. When we discovered (we as in, my whole family who are now completely obsessed.) this tea we were all a bit over excited by it. All being huge tea drinkers, and usually sticking with our trusty Twinings, we were all surprised and equally merry at Tea Pigs tea!

It has an eeeever so slight flowery taste, and for someone who doesn’t like early grey, it is super tasty. I also love that it doesn’t over brew. I couldn’t tell you how many times I pour in hot water and leave it to brew for 20 minutes because I have started another job and completely forgotten about it. Quite often it is then undrinkable and no amount of re heating in the microwave will make it enjoyable. Tea Pigs doesn’t over brew! Marvellous!! It is the pricier end of tea, but it is so worth it and especially if you save it for special occasions. I.e. Every morning.

Tea Pigs online / £3.99 for 15 tea bags

Instax Mini 8


I have been eyeing these up for a while and to my surprise the Husband bought me one for Christmas. There is something quite cool about taking a photo and instantly holding it in your hands. This polaroid camera is so easy to use, and looks so cute on the coffee table too. The kids love waving it around waiting for the picture to develop and it is so lovely putting up pictures on the wall right away. My sister in law got us this photo wire which is magnetic and we have stuck all our favourite polaroids onto it in the porch. I love the retro feel it gives and we have put it in the porch so there is no missing it!

It is such a lovely gift to give that special someone and I guarantee everyone will find this little camera fun!

Amazon / £72.00 (reduced at the moment!)


That is all of my favourites for January! Quite a lengthy post but it has been so lovely and made January that bit more bearable for sure. I am looking forward to trying out a couple of new bits in February and with any luck, we can wear one less layer soon!!

Char x