For so long I wondered what my ‘thing’ was. I went through school not knowing what I wanted to do, I went to college, albeit for a very short time, not knowing if I was taking the right course or what my future held for me. Stumbling into photography has been the most incredible journey and I am so excited to see what is in store for me in the future. It just feels right, like where I should be. My mind wanders and my plans may change, but forever in my heart will be a love for photography and always, will sit perfectly a camera in my hands. This is MY thing. And it excites me more than I can explain!
I feel incredibly lucky that I get to call this my job too, and through meeting so many wonderful families and watching new life grow and change and follow their journey I really do feel like this career is like a dream come true.
Here are quite a few (you have been warned!) of our favourite personal photographs, and you can check out my work portfolios here.

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