The big smoke

A weekend spent in London, wandering the streets of Shoreditch and marvelling through Brick Lane.

Great company, delicious food, good weather, lots of (some terrible) cocktails, a gig and barrels of laughs. Not so great ending hugging the loo but we don’t have to talk about that, do we?! Overall a bloody wonderful weekend and I wanted to share my snaps here.

Char x


Camping with Halfords

The team at Halfords have asked me to share some fond memories of our camping trips or any UK holidays that we have shared together as a family.

Being avid campers I jumped at the chance and was thrilled when they sent me a Guide to Camping booklet to give me loads of tips and advice for future trips and holidays.


One things for sure is that camping is definitely the perfect way to spend some quality family time. We often feel like we don’t see Joe much and with him owning a shop it means he works every Saturday. Our weekends consist of one day together and every other week we don’t have Harvey so spending a few days away is always time well cherished.


I feel like every camping trip we have been on has a hilarious story behind it, from our middle child walking like a cow boy across the campsite after he had an accident (you don’t even want to know the details…!!) to when my husband reversed into a tree. There is always a tale to tell and so many memories made. Our camping trips are made easy by the tent we have, we were very lucky in our find and I am even going to brave a Mum’s camping holiday so i will be putting it all up myself!! You can check out the huge range of tents in Halfords right here and they also have a web only sale on at the moment so it is the perfect time to buy yours ready for the camping season.


If it wasn’t for capturing our day to day lives on camera I would for sure forget half of the things that have happened to us. With so many campsites and holiday cottages right on our doorstep it also easily forgotten how beautiful the country we live in really is. We focus all our energy on going abroad when we have stunning coast lines, tranquil countrysides and historical towns surrounding us.


Flicking through The Ultimate Camping Guide has made me super excited to book our next camping trip and I have had so much inspiration from it. From games to play to meals to cook and also where to stay! You can download this guide right here, it is super easy and quick and packed full of useful info!

Thank you Halfords for reigniting my love for all things camping!

Char x

*Disclosure, although this is a sponsored post, the views and opinions are completely my own.

What’s in my hand luggage

First things first, I am totally aware this has been done 100x over but for my own personal record I am going to write it down anyway!

Being a family of 5 and what with both my husband and myself being self employed, we haven’t been able to go on many big holidays since having children. My heart is pining for a couple of holidays a year in faraway places, I want to be accustomed to travelling life and I want the children to grow up experiencing different cultures, temperatures and surroundings. But my bank balance says otherwise. So when we saved up and booked our first big holiday its safe to say I was dancing on the ceiling excited.

Heck, I am going to lap up every bit of excitement and aint nobody gonna stop me!

I consulted my own Mum with this post. She did get a bit too excited when I said I wanted her advice on hand luggage essentials, after all who else do I turn to? She has been all over the world and is queen traveller in our circle! Expert packer none the less.

So without further a do, this is what will be in MY hand luggage.

A lage scarf.

In mum’s eyes, this is ESSENTIAL and one of the first things you should be packing! I get her point, it seems logical. If you’re anything like us, then you can switch from being boiling hot to freezing cold within seconds. We both get cold on a plane so it can double up as a blanket too. If your suitcase is lost the other end then voila! You have got yourself a sarong too!

One pair of knickers.

Self explanatory? I think so. The last thing you want is your suitcase to be lost for a day and you have sweaty cacks from a day of travelling!! I won’t take a picture of them though, don’t worry 😉

A swimming costume / bikini.

Again, pretty self explanatory. You don’t want to be tapping your feet waiting for your luggage if it goes walk abouts, you want to enjoy every second you can by the pool so have a bikini ready and waiting for you when you get to your chosen destination!


Sweets for the journey. Mentos or boiled sweets are perfect to stop those ears popping, and I always fancy a little something whilst sitting reading a magazine (or wrestling with 3 children.)

Something to read.

You never know, your children may surprise you and sit still for 5 minutes. Snap up the opportunity to have a read of a little summin’ summin’.


Lets face it, plane headphones are useless. Pack a spare pair of headphones to save the trouble of untangling and holding in the free pair you are given!


Travel bag.

This bag consists of medical essentials and toiletries. I haven’t photographed the bag as it will be a clear plastic food bag, not so attractive!

-Sudafed. Take this about an hour before you fly and those popped ears you are expecting won’t be so painful!

-Moisturiser. My hands are dry anyway, but they seem to get super dried out on a plane so a little hand cream is essential in my travel bag!

-Hand sanitiser. I feel like this is standard with travelling with children. I get quite clammy hands whilst travelling, especially in a hot country. And after the children scoff all the snacks and the queue to the toilets is 10 people long, you’ll be glad you packed it!

-Vaseline or lip balm. Air con on a plane = dry skin and dry lips. Vaseline is a must have.

-Wet wipes. You never know when you may need them!!

-Tissues. Again, just so handy to have in your bag


Folder with all your travel documents in. There is nothing worse than getting to the check in desk and you have to rummage around to find passports, boarding passes etc etc. Keep them all in one place and you can just hand the lot over!


Camera! I do not trust to put any of my camera equipment into my main luggage so it is all coming with me in my hand luggage.

I will have my Canon 6D, Canon powershot S120 and a GoPro Hero4. I will also be taking spare batteries for all with their chargers and lots of memory cards! This is all going to go in this awesome bag I picked up in primark for just £4! Keeps it all together and easy to whip in and out if you need to take any snaps on your journey!


I am also taking my laptop as I know I will want to clear off some memory cards half way through the holiday so my apple mac is coming along for the ride too.

That sums up my hand luggage! I hope you have found it useful and not too boring 😉 I will pre warn that next week will be filled with holiday snaps galore!!

Char x

My Petit Canard

Beach Life | Ordinary Moments #17 & 18

The past couple of weeks have been busy and cold. Which means not a lot of time for photographs to be taken. If i’m completely honest the Easter hols wiped it out of me and I haven’t had much oomph to pick up my camera.

We had one nice weather day this week so we took advantage and made a trip to the beach before picking up Harvey from his Dads. We forgot coats and the wind was freezing my nose but the the kids didn’t seem to mind so we rolled with it. We missed Joe and Harvey heaps and they made several comments about the fact they would have loved to be there and ‘If Daddy was here he could have bought us an ice cream!’ (apparently I am incapable of doing such things. I am only good for cooking.)

I have been mulling over my blog the past couple of weeks too and I am definitely lacking motivation. I have a couple of posts buzzing around in my head but I can’t seem to put ideas to keyboard and end up deleting anything I have written. I love this project as it means it’s a solid post every week, unless you forget… Which is quite often here.

You are probably aware if you read my blog often that we dip into the world of videoing and vlogging every now and again. Being a photographer, it never really crossed my mind to ever switch to video but last year I took the leap and ended up really bloody loving it. It is hard work, and I have NO idea how some people daily vlog. I guess I put a lot of pressure on myself too to have some half decent footage so the when I saw the idea of a Sixty Second Photograph project I was quite excited.

It is essentially a short cinematography type video that captures a specific moment. In just 60 seconds (or there abouts). I first saw Summer Murdock do this and from there I discovered a few other really incredible photographers. Having first hand knowledge of a camera you would think that switching to video would be a simple process. It really isn’t! So hats off to these incredible women who seem to smash every expectation each month with their videos.

Here is my 1st attempt… Go easy on me!

And some snaps from our little trip to seaside…

Char x


Our Easter Holidays & Vlogging!

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know we have been vlogging over the Easter holidays! I have been a bit rubbish this week, I was hoping to complete the full 2 weeks of vlogster but we have missed 2 days, not that it is a big deal. After all, who cares!? 😉 We will be picking it back up again this week and have a busy few days planned so i’m excited to share some, hopefully, cool videos!

I have loved getting a bit more creative with videoing, of course I love taking photographs still but videoing feels deeper. You can see the way the kids move, walk, talk. You can see how they laugh, their facial expressions and their personality. It has been so lovely looking back on last years videos too so I know that in a year or so we will love looking back at the current vlogs we are doing.

Not only is it great for us to catalogue their lives, it is great for family and friends who don’t get to see us as often as we would all like or just want to keep up with our day to day activities. We have had a lovely time off, lots of trips to the park and Elsie has learnt to ride her bike with no stabilisers! Milestone alert!!

Of course, I would love some new subscribers, I have about 20 at the moment. Freakin’ Zoella eat your heart out 😉 You can find my channel HEEERE.

So here are a few vlogs of our week so far… (And some photos at the end too!)

If you have a YouTube channel I would LOVE to come follow you, please comment your links!

Some photos from our week so far…


Char x

Life Unexpected
Let's Talk Mommy

Siblings Project – February

Seeing as I have 3 little horrors, I see it only fit that I join in the siblings project hosted by the lovely Lucy over at Dear Beautiful.

The past month has been a pretty good month for sibling love. It feels like they are getting into their groove lately. We have days, sometimes weeks, of constant bickering and arguing over who had what toy first but this month feels a bit calmer.


I guess as they grow older they learn to tolerate each other more, and now Elsie is a fully fledged child (no. she is still my baby.) and thinks a lot more about her feelings than the boys really do, she is making them think a bit more.


She will often run up to them and hug them and declare her love for her brothers, which in turn has made the boys do it that bit more too. We are quite a cuddly family and Oliver in particular will jump at the chance for a cuddle. Having that female instinct around the house really has made the boys more aware of their feelings. There is no holding back with her stating how she feels, the boys are a bit more quiet about it. I find it all really interesting, watching the effect they have on each other.

Here are some snaps of my 3 this month. I have already shared a lot of them on my blog already but I wasn’t very prepared. Promise to have separate pictures for next month!!


IMG_9985eLooking forward to linking up next month with some more sibling shots! Its a great motivation to get out your camera. Not that i have any problems with that…. 😉

Char x

The Me and Mine Project