About us

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.”

― A.A. Milne


 Hey! I’m Charlotte. A 26 year old woman winging her way through motherhood like the rest of us.

I have 3 children, who have all equally made my mothering story really quite special, if a little shit stained and hard.

Harvey, 8. My sensitive one. My philosopher. My saviour.
Oliver, 6. My charmer. My comedy genius. My cuddle boy.

Elsie, 4. My independent one. My mother hen. My determined one.

I’m a photographer, capturing our day to day life as much as I can, and I am so lucky to be able to call it my job too. We live on the Sussex coast of England, basking in all that the Sussex countryside has to offer and still being near enough to the sea to visit as much as we can. I feel very lucky to be raising my children in a little village full of incredible friends and we never ever want to leave it!

I’m a lover, and a fighter too. I go through a lot of phases, be it fitness or hair styles. I’m hoping blogging isn’t one of them…

I have recently stepped into the dairy free world and I am a mix bag of loving and hating every second of it. I absolutely LOVE how my skin feels now and my stomach is very grateful but I will forever miss cheese and chocolate. Like REEEALLY fucking miss it. So. so. much.


I get emotional over EVERYTHING and although I appear to be a strong cookie on the outside I really do need looking after sometimes. I am not very easily offended and I really want to write this blog how I say it in my head but 99% of you reading this now would leave and I would only get a following of about 2 people. I swear a lot. I make inappropriate remarks. Sarcastic is my middle name. But life would be boring without all of the above, right?! So I can’t promise a swear free zone here but I can promise honesty and truth. I don’t sugarcoat our lives, what you see really is what you get.


My photography has taken a bit of a back burner over the last few months and I really do go through a love hate creative relationship with it. I am itching to get stuck in to some new projects and I really hope that 2017 brings me opportunities in which I can let loose a bit more. I don’t really ‘believe’ in my work right now and that needs to change.

I can’t wait to ramble with you all and share some of my work, I hope you enjoy it with us along the way.


Char x

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