Adventuring in Rochester | Ordinary Moments #31

Joe decided to take a few days off this week and my gosh did we all need it! I had so much work going on and also wanting to get Elsie’s bedroom all finished (blog post coming soon!) and a couple of blog deadlines all mounted up to one very stressed Mother. Suffice to say the first couple of days we spent lounging around, lego playing and getting things sorted in the house. I forget how messy the house is when the children are off school. I get used to having my own little routine and it staying relatively well kept during the week. That has all gone completely out of the window and I fee like we’re living in a complete pit.


So we escaped the house for the day on Saturday and decided to go adventuring. We didn’t have much of a plan and didn’t really know where we were heading but we loaded up the car with coats and snacks and set off. I had mentioned to Joe I fancied going near the coast and he wanted to do something slightly educational so we settled on Rochester.

There isn’t a huge amount to do in Rochester but the Cathedral and Castle are both beautiful and it was lovely to just walk around the high street popping in and out the little shops and having a general nosey! We did go into the cathedral but it isn’t really somewhere the kids were fussed about and they were more than happy to run around the grounds of the castle that do anything remotely educational😉


We were lucky enough to be on the high street when Old School Samba set up camp and played to a very happy crowd all in aid of Demelza charity. The atmosphere was awesome and nothing beats that feeling when live music is so loud you can feel it pumping in your chest. I think Elsie enjoyed it too!!


It was so lovely to spend the day together with no time restraints but of course it didn’t come without the usual stories to tell, like Elsie tipping an entire mug of hot chocolate over herself (white top and yellow jeans…) with no spare clothes to hand. Thank goodness it didn’t burn her and there are 600 charity shops on the high street so a quick rummage we picked up a pair of too-big-jeans for £2 and we were off on our way again!

Please note the brown stain all over her top in 95% of the pictures. I feel it just adds to the realism of our pictures…


We had the most delicious crepes in Crepe & Co. and dodged the rain, we found a park and rolled down banks. We laughed, some cried, and we made memories. Here’s to our next spontaneous adventure!

Char x


The end of an era

Firstly, apologies for being the worst blogger in history. A lot has been taking up my head space and I haven’t quite got the balance with work and blogging and I seem to solely focus on one or the other. Work has taken over the past month, which has been really bloody fantastic, but I feel like I have abandoned my little web space over here.

July has seen the end of a very large era for us. For the past 6 years we have been to and fro pre school, the boys really loved their pre school journey and Elsie was no exception either. After a rocky start at one pre school and an amazing move to the next, we have had the most wonderful couple of years of growing and learning. She has absolutely thrived on an educational level and absolutely loved the social side of pre school too.

And so the end of last week we said goodbye to her pre school friends, we hugged so tightly her amazing key workers and all the staff who have supported not only Elsie but us as a family too. I sobbed happy tears, i wept sad tears. And as of September I will have all of my babies in full time education.

I have a whole mixed bag of emotions as we enter the Summer holidays. I am so so excited for her, she is so ready for school. She needs the challenges, she needs the friendships and the break ups and she needs the support that only a teacher can offer. I will miss her more than I can ever begin to tell you, just like I did and do the boys. But this time feels different, because with the boys I always had someone else at home still. I still had a little buddy with me, I had company all day.

She’s my last baby. And when it’s your last you know you have to savour every moment possible. Every cuddle up for grabs you will take it and never want to let go, every midnight feed just you and them is precious. Every first is recorded and every last is treasured and never forgotten. We won’t ever get these moments back and in just a few weeks I will be walking back home empty handed and counting down the minutes until I can pick them all up again. I will be lonely, I will have no companion by my side and no one to sit on the floor with and play games. My dog walks, shopping trips and coffee stops will all be on my own. And it feels me with utter sadness.

Looks like i’m going to have to take up yoga or something equally as time consuming.😉

On her last day of pre school we spent the afternoon outside chatting and laughing. She was telling me ridiculous poo jokes and trying to blow massive bubbles with her new bubble set she got as part of a leaving present. We had a blast and I sighed a sigh of relief because she couldn’t be more wonderful if she tried. They will love her like we all do, they will laugh with her and wipe her tears. They will mop up her grazed knee and hold an ice pack to her head when she tumbles. They will be the support I can no longer be and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful network surrounding her for the start of her school life.

Ohhh my last little baby, you will love school so very much.


Summer goodness

Isn’t it funny how a little bit of sun on our skin can make us turn from an all screaming, all stressed Mother into  an all fun, all happy Mummy. Since getting back from our family holiday we haven’t ben blessed with British Summer and pretty much every single day has rained. My tan has pretty much gone and I am clutching on to every single scent that reminds me of holiday and sunshine.


So this weekend we have been house sitting for my parents, as they have dogs and chickens that need looking after we decided to pack our bags and have a mini adventure. (albeit 8 minutes down the road…) One huge bonus about staying here in the summer is the outdoor pool, and boy have we taken advantage of it in 2 days! We had friends over on Saturday and then spent all day in it today (Sunday) and had an absolute blast. Having 3 children who are so confident in the pool really is quite super, I am feeling so proud of them this weekend.

Not only did we do a lot of swimming, I managed to have some much needed downtime too. I have been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go and also some personal projects I want to do with photography. I have made a mental list of all the things I want to do and i’m excited to start putting things into practice! I am really determined to take my photography somewhere a bit different, I want to get creative and expand my knowledge on light too so keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts over the next few months!

Char x


We’ve also been vlogging our weekend! I’d love love love some new subscribers to my channel!