My boys and me | Ordinary Moments #20

Technically this is cheating as these photos weren’t actually taken last week but I have nothing interesting to say about our week so this will have to do!

It isn’t often I get time with the boys either just the two of them individually or both together without a little madam demanding my attention. They don’t ever question it, they are used to it being a trio 9 times out of 10 and they get their own space at school. But it just isn’t quite the same as being at home or out and about with just me and them.

Elsie has recently moved up a class in gymnastics which means an after school session now instead of our usual Thursday morning whilst the boys are at school. I decided to put her in on a Monday as Joe finishes work by 3 which means he can pick the boys up and I can take her to gym without the rush of both! This week Elsie decided she wanted Daddy to take her to gymnastics so I jumped at the chance to pick the boys up from school on my own. We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Bodiam Castle which we are so very fortunate of living 2 minutes away from.

Loaded with a few crusts of bread and our wellies we took a leisurely stroll around the grounds. The ducks had caught sight of them both carrying bread and instantly we were surrounded by a gaggle of ducks, many laughs later we jumped back in the car and Harvey said ‘That was SO nice without Elsie here…. I mean, I did  miss her, but I like spending time with just you, Mummy!’ It made for a wonderful change, and here is to many more Monday afternoons just my boys and me.

Char x


My Siblings in May

These 3 little humans are being incredible affectionate towards each other lately. I’m sure if they knew in 10 years time that they licked each others faces and blew into each others mouths they would be horrified, but right now they think its hilarious and socially acceptable.

Harvey is loving –

A flying game on his Kindle
Gardening club
Watching the birds in the morning

Oliver is loving –

The trampoline
Kicking the ball against the wall outside
Digging in the mud in the garden
Re discovering the train track
Gardening club
His friends

Elsie is loving –

Gymnastics lessons
The mud kitchen at pre-school
Being a diva.
Daddy. Always Daddy.
Discovering different hairstyles
Learning how to swing on a ‘big girl swing’

And here are my adorably sickeningly cute siblings this month.


The Me and Mine Project

After dinner strolls | Ordinary Moments

One of our favourite things to do in the summer is go for a walk after dinner. Be it in the woods, a quick trip to the beach or in the fields that run through the village. The light is so perfect and my photographers heart just gets a bit too excited!

The weather has been so beautiful the past week, we were chuckling over the fact it was snowing only the week before. I bloody love British weather! Last year I was really disappointed with my personal photography. I barely took my camera out and when I did I just wasn’t feeling very creative. I had no energy for it and I felt really deflated towards the end of the year when I realised we didn’t have many really special photos to document our year. I have been determined for that not to happen this year, and although we do go out without the camera sometimes, I am making a conscious effort to photograph all of our ordinary moments.

I won’t ramble on, so here are some of our photos of our little walk into the woods after dinner this week.

Char x


I also shot a short video of Harvey, our eldest son, who turns 8 this month. I was going to have this as his ‘birthday video’ but have changed my mind and want to do something much more fun! So stay tuned!😉

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