Me and Mine June ’16

I am fully aware I have exhausted all outlet for holiday snaps but just let me have this one more post, okay?!😉

We couldn’t resist having our June family photos from our holibobs from the beginning of the month. I again, had visioned them to be like this at all and I had hoped for some on the beach more, but alas I really do love a sunset so a sunset it shall be!

The bonus about going away with family is they can take your pictures for you without having to use the remote and a tripod! Thank you Harri for taking our me and mine photos for June!

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Char x

Camping with Halfords

The team at Halfords have asked me to share some fond memories of our camping trips or any UK holidays that we have shared together as a family.

Being avid campers I jumped at the chance and was thrilled when they sent me a Guide to Camping booklet to give me loads of tips and advice for future trips and holidays.


One things for sure is that camping is definitely the perfect way to spend some quality family time. We often feel like we don’t see Joe much and with him owning a shop it means he works every Saturday. Our weekends consist of one day together and every other week we don’t have Harvey so spending a few days away is always time well cherished.


I feel like every camping trip we have been on has a hilarious story behind it, from our middle child walking like a cow boy across the campsite after he had an accident (you don’t even want to know the details…!!) to when my husband reversed into a tree. There is always a tale to tell and so many memories made. Our camping trips are made easy by the tent we have, we were very lucky in our find and I am even going to brave a Mum’s camping holiday so i will be putting it all up myself!! You can check out the huge range of tents in Halfords right here and they also have a web only sale on at the moment so it is the perfect time to buy yours ready for the camping season.


If it wasn’t for capturing our day to day lives on camera I would for sure forget half of the things that have happened to us. With so many campsites and holiday cottages right on our doorstep it also easily forgotten how beautiful the country we live in really is. We focus all our energy on going abroad when we have stunning coast lines, tranquil countrysides and historical towns surrounding us.


Flicking through The Ultimate Camping Guide has made me super excited to book our next camping trip and I have had so much inspiration from it. From games to play to meals to cook and also where to stay! You can download this guide right here, it is super easy and quick and packed full of useful info!

Thank you Halfords for reigniting my love for all things camping!

Char x

*Disclosure, although this is a sponsored post, the views and opinions are completely my own.

My siblings in June ’16

So this month I had definite visions of beautiful greek sunset photos, on the beach, sand between our toes. Turns out we didn’t actually take that many of all 3 of the kiddies altogether whilst we were away. Partly because I didn’t think about it as much and also because I didn’t want to force them into a load of photos every day. We wanted to relax and enjoy our week away without turning it into a photo shoot opportunity at every turn. Alas, we did get a couple of the 3 of them but not as many as I would have liked.

I will keep this pretty short and sweet, but what I will say is Joe and I couldn’t be more proud of the 3 of them this month. They were exceptional throughout the week we were away, I rarely had to raise my voice and they had so many late nights and early starts. Along with swimming nearly all day every day and the heat, it could have been the recipe for a really horrific week for us. I love it when a plan comes together, and especially when we weren’t expecting it to go quite so well as it did.

We took these photos whilst in a little village on Nisyros Island. Which was the most perfect idyllic place you have ever been. It was our last (and hottest!) day in Greece so they weren’t playing ball as much as I had hoped but I think I will let them off… I will chat more about it all in a seperate blog post but for now… Here are a couple of my wonderful siblings this month! (totally lapping this up, lets face it, next month i’ll be telling you how my July was fuelled on gin and fudge cake and how we have re introduced time out and the cain.)

Char x